First Pastor’s Conference and Retreat

First Pastor’s Conference and Retreat

Over the last weekend, 30th of May until 1st June, the pastors and workers of Logos Global Missions gathered in Olongapo City, Philippines for their first ever conference and retreat. In attendance were Logos churches from around the Philippines and from global ministries in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

Facilitated by Pastor Rodney Garcia and the team from The Rock Church Philippines, the conference centred on two key topics: letting go of the past and boldly moving forward.


The morning of the first day of the retreat saw the group tackle team building exercises which helped the pastors and workers get familiar with one another and encouraged healthier team dynamics.

The afternoon focused on forgiveness and releasing past hurts, misgivings and failed expectations. This was a key session that enabled everyone involved to move forward without all the unnecessary baggage of the past. This session setup the next day perfectly.

_DSC6825With everyone lighter from leaving behind past hurts and each one more attune with the other, day two got off to a great start. This day was all about moving forward. A new paradigm to church growth and development was introduced to the pastors and workers. This plan for church growth shifts the weight of growing a church from the pastor to the people who are in the church. According to the plan, Logos ministries will invest in developing the individual, that is, each church-goer. By investing in their personal growth, they become partners with church. By their growth, the church will also grow.

This new perspective requires that every person in the church keep moving. From the newest attendee all the way the senior pastor, everyone has to have a growth plan. Everyone has to keep growing and developing. Borrowing from physics: every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion.


The day was capped with a pastors and workers appreciation night hosted by the Logos Olongapo church. It was a simple event celebrating the call to ministry and the action taken by each worker and pastor.

“I now have a renewed outlook to church work and church growth” said Pastor Romy Olinares of Logos Urdaneta in Pangasinan. That was a common statement from other pastors since this first Conference marked the start of a concerted effort to pull people of Logos Global Missions together. It was one of the rare occasions where pastors and workers were fed and ministered to (instead of them doing the ministering). It was an important time where the vision towards which we all move to was broadcast. More so, everyone present committed to move in same direction and to one growth plan.

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